Ford wanted to make its presence felt in a big way at the Redbull Car Park Drift, and that's exactly what we did. Centered around the idea of "Go Drift" we gave visitors to the stand a real drifting experience. We had them sit in a physical cockpit, shift gears and steer their way through a challenging Drift course - using a combination of a game console and Oculus Rift. Instead of the regular car feature descriptions we created AR Markers and placed them on the cars on display - F150, Mustang & Fusion. All visitors had to do was scan the marker with the iPad and the features appeared including videos. We even had visitors take selfies with Redbull's Drift champion Abdo Feghali. Judging by the queues at the Ford stand we made Ford Go Further. Event is taking place in 7 Arab countries including UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Jordan, Lebanon, Bahrain.