Pantene 3 minute miracle

How a haircare brand proved 

Google’s video stats wrong.

Pantene 3-Minute Miracle was a relatively new product in the world of hair care and was up against a noisy and crowded hair care category. So we decided to shout over the noise to drive awareness and trigger trial. 

We collaborated with Sara Grey, AKA BloggerWannaBe to communicate a super functional benefit - Pantene 3MM is so effective, it repairs 3 months of hair damage in 3 minutes.

We pegged our creative around this differentiator and pulled off a 3-minute miracle of our own: a 3-minute ‘ad’ that entertained our audience and proved Google stats wrong!

Despite being a 3 min ad, the organic views went through the roof: 23% versus the 1% industry benchmark. And almost 2000 promo samples were redeemed within 48 hours of going live.

Now, is that a miracle? Nope, just clever marketing!