How a chocolate brand kickstarted a movement to appreciate the women in our lives.
Women have always been Flake’s biggest consumers. But brand recall was low, especially in markets like Kuwait and the KSA. So how did we put the spotlight back on Flake? By understanding a simple truth - though all women look forward to ‘me-moments’ in their busy life, in reality those ‘me moments’ were very very rare. So we decided to create a strong digital campaign encouraging the people around her to appreciate her with those moments she deserves.
The campaign ‘You Deserve A Flake Moment’ helped Flake reach out across different digital platforms and stand apart from other category cliches in the market. The rest is history - increased brand recall, a 13% increase in volume sales in the target markets and an unprecedented level of engagement from the audience. All leading to a movement to give a little back to the women in your life …because 'they deserve a Flake moment’.