How one razor brand set men with sensitive skin free from shave irritation.

Men with shave irritation have tried it all … dunking their face in ice cold water, cooling it off at the air conditioner…everything just to fight shave irritation.
And when that doesn’t work, they would give up a little and grow a goatee. And when that didn’t help either, they would eventually grow a beard.
Over the years, men have slowly been letting shave irritation control their lives.
Until Gillette introduced the new SkinGuard - a revolutionary new razor set to free men from the control of shave irritation.Such a unique product deserves an equally unique campaign, one that would encourage lapsed shavers with sensitive skin to shave again. Our digital campaign titled ‘Don’t Let Shave Irritation Control Your Life’ aimed to do just that, with a series of witty and relatable episodes featuring a guy who was once under the control of shave irritation.
So did it work? Of course it did. With maximum views on YouTube that directly reflected on in-store sales, the campaign was successful in raising awareness and in minimizing the control of shave irritation, thus giving men the freedom to be the best they can be.