How a diaper brand gave moms one less thing to doubt.


A mother’s doubts never come from a place of fear, they come from a place of love; and every time a mother leans into her doubts, she’s always guided to make the best decisions for her baby. 

Precisely why Pampers believes that great mom’s are made of doubt. But what if Pampers, with its revolutionary new German Technology, that offers up to 100% leakage protection, can give our target audience - moms in KSA, one less thing to doubt?

Our campaign ‘One less thing to doubt’ aimed to convey just that with unique assets like full length commercials featuring relatable scenarios - where the mom doubts anything but a leaky diaper, 15s films featuring rap jingles and even a 60s Saudi Rap demo song.

And within a few days of airing, the campaign already began to make waves - for gaining an unprecedented no. of likes and shares, for relating to the millennial moms like never before and for giving them a chance to do their thing without doubting about leaky diapers.